We at HELP Inc. pride ourselves in assuring that every system we design, whether it is a security related system or a home entertainment system, is custom crafted to your desired needs. Our highly-trained staff will develop a system that will meet all your expectations. From concept to completion, we will assure you that once we have completed the job you will be 100% satisfied.


Once the system specifications have been designed, we will build and install it in a timely fashion. Our technicians are top notch, all with current certifications and security clearance credentials. Whether for your home or your business, our technicians will leave your property looking untouched. After your system is up and running, our talented HELP Inc. service staff will assist you for years to come.


The most important job HELP Inc. has is to PROTECT YOU after your system is installed. Our 24 hour monitoring service and 24 hour tech support team will always be on guard for you. You know that car in the parking lot with the alarm that is going off? That’s what a security system without monitoring is like, just a deterrent, no one is watching, no one cares. Well… we monitor and we care!!



You might be wondering what we do here at HELP,Inc. In short, we HELP!

We change lives.

Over the years, technology has grown tremendously and it’s not always easy to use its full potential. This is when HELP, Inc. comes into play. We help people like you use technology that really makes your life simpler, more comfortable and safer. We do that thanks to the perfect combination of a variety of solutions that meld together in one place. From Audio/Video Solutions, Monitoring and Security Solutions to Smart Home Solutions, HELP Inc. covers it all. No wonder we are the favorite one-stop company for a variety of partners and clients who want to use technology to its full potential.

Our staff comes from different backgrounds and ranges from seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the industry to apprentices passionate about the work we do willing to learn from the best.

A professional team from a variety of backgrounds, united by one common goal: to provide you the best service – helping you when you need it the most!


Honored to work with some of the best and brightest



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