City Spirits has been in the Attleboro area for over 20 years and a valuable client of ours since the beginning. The best thing about City Spirits is their attention to detail and vast knowledge of the wine industry. They have frequent wine tastings and think out of the box, this puts them in a different category from the rest.

Mike Foster, owner of City Spirits, had a theft problem shortly after opening. He reached out to us and years later we are still supporting him and his efforts to keep crime out of his stores.

City Spirits has an open floor plan which makes it easy for the customer to find what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, this design style also leaves many openings for the ‘not so nice’ customer to take product off the shelves. We wanted to keep our surveillance devices installed in a discreet way to make the frequent customer feel at ease and not like they are being watched.

To get the results needed we worked closely with the design team at City Spirits and developed a full proof way of watching the high end product line and capture blind spots with surveillance. Along with CCTV, we also installed a security system that keeps the building, when closed, 100% secure with 24-hour monitoring. For added protection, we installed a state of the art fire alarm system to protect Mikes’ investment for years to come.

Recently, we upgraded the North Attleboro location to high definition video surveillance and installed large public view monitors throughout the store. The new surveillance system has already captured several bad guys. If these guys were not caught they would have continued their campaign throughout the state.

Mike continuously refers us to his friends, both in business and personal relations. We are happy to also give Mike and his family peace of mind by securely protecting his home.