Our Audio/Video Services & Products

  • Home Theater

  • Ultra HD TVs

  • Multi-Room Audio

  • Structured Wiring

  • Multi-Zone Streaming Receivers

  • Architectural Speakers

Home Theater

The purpose of a dedicated home theater system is to reproduce as closely as possible the motion picture experience as if you were viewing it in the movie theater. Months and months are spent creating, subtle audio and video effects that immerse you in the story. You can bring that experience home whether it’s dedicated space in the basement or an open floor plan, family room just let our system designers and our integrators create the perfect solution for you.


Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio systems allow you to listen to different music sources in different rooms, ball game on the back deck, rock in the kid’s room and easy listening in the kitchen, all at the same time. Wired and wireless systems are available to suite your needs. The music servers come with built-in internet radio capability for live streaming of hundreds of choices; such as Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, etc. You can also connect legacy components; such as cable box, cd players, etc. No longer does each room need a hardwired keypad, everything can be controlled by a Smartphone or tablet, giving you source selection, room selection and volume control, all in the palm of your hand.

Multi-Zone Streaming Receivers

Not long ago, if someone told you that you could use your phone to control your receiver, you would have a hard time believing them. Not anymore, with the advent of Networked receivers and the “app” based world of smartphones, content and control are at your fingertips. Let us show you how you can enjoy music simply, with a demonstration in our interactive showroom.

Architectural Speakers

Loudspeakers are not all the same, we offer a wide variety of high performance speakers, whether it’s in-wall, in-ceiling complete surround sound packages or sound bars with sub woofers, Help, Inc. has just the right solution for your room and your listening habits. Once the speakers have been installed let us calibrate your system so that you can enjoy the best possible performance from your investment. Come into our interactive showroom and experience the quality for yourself.