Security Solutions

Security systems protect your property and notify authorities. Basic systems include a security panel attached to a phone line, keypads for entering security codes, motion sensors and door/window contacts. Some of the more advanced systems allow for the addition of cameras and automation of lights and heat. Regardless of the level of security you’re interested in, HELP, Inc. has just the right solution.

Statistics show most break-ins occur in homes without security systems and those that are not monitored by a central station. Take the worry out of your life and have us monitor your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Monitoring prices start as low as $20.00 month.


Closed Circuit TV also known as video surveillance systems provide constant coverage of your property or business. Most of our systems allow you to view your cameras remotely on smartphones, mobile devices and desktop computers. Interior or exterior, daytime or night, video surveillance cameras record continuously or on motion, storing high quality video footage for later review.

We provide a number of Fire detection and notification solutions for Commercial and Residential customers alike. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that life and property are protected and authorities have been notified. Building Codes, in most cities and towns, require that there be a certain number of devices placed in specific areas of the building, let the experts at HELP, Inc. build the perfect system for your need.


Control your lights and heat when you’re not at home, basic security systems protect your property and notify authorities if trouble arises. Some of the more advanced systems allow the addition of cameras and automation of lights and heat. We’ve been integrating systems for our customers for thirty years, our team is always learning the latest technologies and designing systems that simplify your lives.

24 Hour Monitoring

Your security system is only as good as the monitoring company, HELP, Inc. provides 24 hour monitoring for as low as $20.00 a month. The monitoring center is manned by experienced, well trained professionals that respond quickly using the latest technology.

We also offer other security services including:

  • Security Services

  • Fire Detection

  • CCTV

  • Automation

  • Integration

  • Structured Wiring

  • GPS

  • 24-Hour Monitoring