Our Mission

America’s homes have always been a place where comfort and ingenuity have come together. From before the invention of the light bulb to popularization of home computers, we’ve enjoyed over a century of progress within our beloved abodes. Countless applications of technology from the essential to the bizarre, have passed through our doors as dreams of more productive, enjoyable lives have propelled us forward.

Our dreams of what the future holds still brings us to that place we call home. A place where the lights remember to come on a nightfall, and where your favorite movies are playing in the theater down the hall. Where phones not only transmit the voices of loved ones, but also the images, and where the front door pages you just to let you know your kids are home from school. We still dream of home – a safe, happy place, a convenient place, a place that fits our lives. Today these dreams are a reality.

HELP, Inc. is a celebration of the technology that took America to places like the moon and beyond. We’re glad you’ve joined us to explore our home and spend some time dreaming and planning how you can enjoy the comforts of your Home Smart Home.