Our Staff

Artie Eaton is the CEO of HELP Inc. he is a husband, dad and loves being a boss. He leads a company of hard-working super-heroes and super-heroines that work around the clock to help customers feel protected. Technology integrator, Security, Fire, CCTV and Access Control are all within HELP’s scope. Artie has 30+ years of experience in the industry, starting as an electrical contractor, and has owned HELP Inc. since 1986. Since then, he didn’t stop exceeding expectations and expanding the business with a constant mission to WOW customers. When he is not making things happen in the boardroom, he is singing, writing songs, hunting, scuba diving, coaching basketball or flying drones.

Craig Cooley is our GM, Installation Manager, In-House Technician, Salesman, IT, Purchasing Manager (catches breath) Tech Support Manager, Project Manager and more. A truly multi-talented super-hero with 30 years of experience in the industry and 15 years working with HELP Inc. He loves technology, always keeping up with the latest improvements. From RC Aircraft to Drones, nothing escapes his interest and thirst for learning. His favorite part of the job is to help customers feel safe and embrace technology without fearing it. Reassuring them that technology won’t take over the house as they sleep.

Jim Spence – Also known as James or simply Spence, he is our Lead Technician and Director of the Service Department with decades of experience in the industry. He is a former service manager, salesman as needed and self-proclaimed Master problem solver. After leaving the US Air Force – with a couple of honorable awards – he joined HELP Inc. With an unstoppable heroic personality, he loves to achieve, never gives up, loves challenges and to meet new people. Always learning new things as technology evolves. He is also a proud dad and husband. During his free time he loves new adventures on family road trips, does scout activities with his son or watches his kids in karate class.

Jon Eason – As a certified technician working with HELP Inc.. Jon was recently promoted to in-house director of monitoring. He lives with his wife and a cat. He has worked in retail management and inventory operations and has a degree in Criminal Justice. Jon loves to help customers catch villains and feel protected by helping them prevent thefts and break-ins, testing alarms, installing alarm systems or cameras. He loves water sports, camping, hiking, video games and snowboarding.

Kyle Eaton is a new addition to the Help Inc. electronic security team. He’s a young, motivated go-getter who’s already climbing the ladder after less than a year on the team. Like Batman’s Robin, he’s an apprentice for now, but he’s well on his way to becoming a security superhero in his own right. After graduating high school in Attleboro in spring 2016, he made the decision to join his father in the family business. Today, Kyle’s an apprentice in training, and he’s well on his way toward earning his EST D license to further his career in electronic security installation. He loves to learn, and ever since he joined the team, he’s picked up new skills with lightning speed. His passion for being helpful and solving complex technical problems has made him a real asset at Help Inc. Kyle lives with his father, mother, older sister, and their springer spaniel Hickory. When Kyle is not working with electronic security systems, he’s got a serious passion for mudding. A big fan of the great outdoors, the thrill of mudding with his trusty pickup truck is a major rush for Kyle.

Matt Pion is our Installation Sales Manager. A husband, a dad and working with HELP Inc. specializing in Sales and System Design. After spending 25 years working in the retail hardware industry, he decided that it was the right time for a change. He wanted to create a practical impact during difficult situations. Almost three years ago, he joined HELP Inc. a company of hardworking super-heroes and heroines – just like him. The favorite part of his job is setting up security systems or effective CCTV systems, allowing HELP’s clients to feel safer and sleep well at night knowing that they are protected. Not to mention that he hates bad guys.

Maureen Geehan is our Accounting Manager and Bookkeeper, she makes sure the financial operations of our business run as smoothly as possible. She enjoys the precision of numbers and loves to reconcile checking accounts! Recognized for being loyal and possessing a striking tenacity, Maureen has been our financial super-heroine for the past 17+ years assisting HELP Inc. thrive. When she is not exceeding customers’ expectations or bravely keeping record of the finances, she is usually spending time with her two sons, three dogs and a noisy macaw.

Chris Goodinson – With 10 years of experience in the industry, Chris started working with HELP Inc. as a low voltage apprentice joining the other super-heroines and super-heroes like him. He graduated from the New England Institute of Art Brookline. He loves to demonstrate audio systems and explaining the intricate systems to non-technical clients in a simple and clear way. When he is not wowing clients, he is usually racing cars.